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6 timber flooring myths debunked

April 13, 2017
What myths do you believe?

What do Big Foot, the moon landing and climate change have in common? They're all concepts that some people consider myths – topics which are hotly debated with people sitting on both sides of the fence.

While timber flooring doesn't quite reach the heights of whether or not Big Foot exists, there are still plenty of misconceptions surrounding it. To hopefully right some wrongs, we've gone through and debunked the biggest myths in the timber flooring industry.

1) Timber floors aren't a good choice for the kitchen

This is an interesting myth, but one that is completely wrong. Timber flooring can add value to every room in your Sydney home, including the busy kitchen environment.

Timber flooring looks great in a kitchen!Timber flooring looks great in a kitchen!

With minimal maintenance requirements and the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic daily, timber flooring makes a lot of sense in the kitchen.

2) Timber flooring is cold during the winter

One common misconception is that timber flooring is naturally colder than alternatives such as carpet, tile and slate. However, it's quite the opposite.

Timber flooring is a great insulator of heat and given the spectrum of rich colours available, it can even give the impression of a warmer room – despite the temperature being the same across the entire home. Of course, we are lucky with Sydney weather providing a mostly mild winter!

3) Every timber board will look the same

Given that timber flooring is a natural product, it would be amiss to think that every board will have the same characteristics and general look. In fact, each board is 100 per cent unique – offering your home a special sense of beauty and character.

Depending on the timber type, you may see insect trails, cracks, gum veins, knots and even different colour on each board. Over time, exposure to sunlight and other factors can also impact the look of different boards.

4) There aren't many timber types to choose from

This is quite a common myth which suggests that most timber boards are all the same type. Of course, you just have to look at the extensive range that we have at Sydney Flooring to see this is not the case.

We have more than 20 different Australian and international timbers available including Jarrah, Kauri Pine and Spotted Gum. Each timber type has distinctive characteristics in terms of colour variations, grades and sizes – meaning we can match a timber type to your home and personal style.

5) I need to replace timber flooring if it changes colour

Sunlight can impact timber flooring, but this shouldn't be a concern.Sunlight can impact timber flooring, but this shouldn't be a concern.

Many people are concerned about the lifespan of timber flooring and whether colour changes indicate it needs to be replaced. There are really two answers to this myth.

Firstly, timber flooring is manufactured and produced to last many decades and even generations. Secondly, as timber flooring is a natural product, its appearance can change over time – which doesn't reflect a drop in quality.

As mentioned above, atmospheric conditions as well as sunlight can make certain floor boards appear darker or lighter than others, but this is nothing to worry about.

6) It's hard to look after timber flooring

As with other features of your home, you'll need to keep timber flooring looking clean and tidy. This said, cleaning should be a little easier than if you have carpet or other flooring surfaces.

Regardless of whether it's grass, mud, dirt, the only maintenance required is a simple brush, a light vacuum or a mop now and again – simple!

If you would like to learn more about timber flooring and discuss whether it can add value to your home, feel free to get in touch with our expert team today.

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