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Sydney Blue Gum – a red timber to celebrate

November 24, 2016
Sydney Blue Gum is an excellent choice for your home.

One of the true benefits of choosing a wooden floor for your Sydney home is the sheer number of Australian timbers at your disposal. From tallowwood and Tasmanian Oak, to Brushbox and Alpine Ash, the team at Sydney Flooring can ensure that you get a hardwood surface that lasts a lifetime.

The Sydney Blue Gum can grow to 60 metres.The Sydney Blue Gum can grow to 60 metres.

In this article, we'll focus on one of our most popular timbers – Sydney Blue Gum or Eucalyptus saligna – investigating the tree itself, the timber and its key advantages for your home.

Sydney Blue Gum – a giant of the forest

As a native hardwood tree to both New South Wales and southern Queensland, Sydney Blue Gum is found in coastal and lower mountain ranges.

Sydney Blue Gum flowers between December and February, producing small capsule-sized fruit. Its foliage is generally discoloured with a glossy green tone. As for the tree itself, the trunk is a smooth, pale blue-grey colour and it can grow more than 60 metres high.

There are many benefits to choosing Sydney Blue Gum.There are many benefits to choosing Sydney Blue Gum.

Sydney Blue Gum timber – offering unique colour depth

It is important to remember that as wood is a natural product, the same species of tree can produce timber of different colours and character. This can depend on the soil, climate or the local environment.

Sydney Blue Gum is no different and will range in colour from a dark pink to reddish brown. Other elements of its appearance to keep in mind include its mid coarse level, common gum veins and typically straight grain. When selecting a hardwood for your flooring, these characteristics make Sydney Blue Gum an important general-purpose construction timber that can bring value to most applications.

Why choose Sydney Blue Gum in your home?

Sydney Blue Gum can add great colour to your home.Sydney Blue Gum can add great colour to your home.

As mentioned above, Sydney Blue Gum is one of the most popular eastern Australian red timbers on the market. Over the years, Sydneysiders have used this type of timber for many applications including external cladding, fencing, interior stairs, retaining walls and frameworks. However, flooring is where Sydney Blue Gum can really make a difference.

Its adaptability, versatility and strength means it can work well in a hallway as well as in kitchens and living rooms. The warm colours and natural beauty of Sydney Blue Gum flooring is timeless, creating a unique feel of class and sophistication in your Sydney home.

Over our many years of using this timber, we find that it is extremely easy to work with and will take a polish well. This means that you can use your Sydney Blue Gum flooring as a more decorative piece in your home – adding value to the property along the way.

Looking after your Sydney Blue Gum flooring

Wooden flooring is an investment and to get the most out of it you will need to adhere to a few maintenance tips. While hardwood is much more durable than carpet, tiles or lino, looking after it is vital. Here are a few top tips for protecting your Sydney Blue Gum flooring.

  • Clean immediately after a spill as prolonged exposure to products such as red wine or pets urine can do long term damage to the flooring especially with some waterbased finishes.
  • Place protective padding at the bottom of chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture to avoid scratching the surface. While Sydney Blue Gum is tough, you don't want unnecessary marks appearing.
  • Close curtains or blinds during periods of strong sunlight to avoid discoloration. The beautiful pinks, reds and browns of Sydney Blue Gum should be preserved as long as possible.

To learn more about Sydney Blue Gum and where you can apply this timber in your home, contact the team at Sydney Flooring today.

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