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What are the benefits of timber flooring in your Sydney home? [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 22, 2017
There are countless benefits to timber flooring.

While the feelings connected to your home are emotional, how the home looks is also important to many people. As such, if you're looking to add a touch of spark to your Sydney home, timber hardwood flooring is a great option.

Timber flooring lasts for decades

One of the greatest advantages of timber flooring is that it's built to last. Compared to carpet and other surfaces, which need to be replaced every five years or so, timber flooring can last decades.

The reason behind this is two-fold. Firstly, the care and maintenance involved with timber flooring is simple and effective – meaning there is no stress associated with deterioration or stains. Secondly, the way that timber flooring is manufactured remains true to the natural durability of wood, so it's built to last.

More hygienic than other surfaces

If you have pets, kids or those who experience allergies, it's important to point out that timber flooring is also more hygienic than other surfaces. It doesn't stain, retain odours, harbour insects or conceal allergens which is great for maintaining a healthy home environment.

Simply give your timber surface a gentle vacuum or mop from time to time and enjoy!

Timber flooring as timeless appeal

Unlike other surfaces, timber flooring has a long and proud history in Australian homes. It can act as a focal point of a bedroom or kitchen or provide a dash of colour in a hallway – timber flooring really can work in any room in your home. You can be confident that the look will never go out of style and fits into a range of interior designs and trends.

For those thinking about taking advantage of the strong Sydney property market, wooden-floored homes usually sell quicker and at a higher price than those without.

Available for all budgets

Finally, timber flooring is an investment that can fit any budget. We at Sydney Flooring have a wide range of international and Australian timbers that are both affordable and can add a touch of class to your castle.

We can also offer eco-friendly or recycled timber for those wanting a green option.

For more information about installing timber hardwood flooring, get in touch with the expert team at Sydney Flooring today.

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