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Why timber flooring is good for babies and young children

February 27, 2017
Kids can play safer on wooden flooring.

Babies and small children are the heart of any home – ensuring parents don't have a lot of time to themselves. This is certainly a good thing as the more parents interact and play with their kids, the stronger the bond and greater the development.

When kids are younger, most of this engagement will occur on the floor where parents can get down and play at the same level. As a result, it's important that the floor environment is safe and healthy for youngsters.

Here are three reasons why wooden flooring is the best surface for babies and young children.

1) Hygienic against germs and bacteria

If you've had a child, you'll know that they can get sick easily. While most of the bugs they'll pick up are from kindy or school, your home can harbour other nasties as well.

However, with wooden flooring, this is certainly less of a concern. As floors are organic in origin and non-electromagnetic, the surface collects less dust and dirt compared to carpet. This means that letting babies and small children play on wooden floors minimising their exposure to allergens and other mould which can make them sick.

Wooden flooring is great for kids.Wooden flooring is great for kids.

2) Very comfortable and durable

Most people would say it was more comfortable to sit on carpet than wooden flooring. However, for small babies, this is actually untrue.

As the bones and muscles of babies are constantly growing, it can help them to have a strong structure supporting them. For example, if a baby is sitting on carpet, it might be hard for them to keep themselves upright as the surface is uneven. On wooden hardwood flooring, you can rest assured that it's helping your child's development.

3) Easy for spills and messes

If there is one thing all babies and small children are, it's messy! From leaky nappies and vomit to spilled paint, there are various stains and liquids that can ruin your carpet in a second.

Of course, if you had wooden flooring, any spills can be cleaned up easily and without fuss. Simply get out the mop and with a little soap and hot water, the floor will be as good as new. No stress, no mess!

Want to know more about how wooden flooring can benefit your family? Get in touch with the team at Sydney Flooring and let us take care of your growing household!

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