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Four benefits of accent wood walls

July 31, 2017
An accent wood wall is a great feature in any house.

If you're renovating and looking for an interesting design concept to adopt, an accent wood wall could be a style for you to consider.

An accent wood wall is a feature wall typically made from reclaimed varieties of timber. The style differs from that of other walls in an area, allowing it to truly stand out. They can be displayed in any room allowing for complete personality and unique style, explaining their popularity among interior designers.

Discover these four benefits of accent wooden walls to help show off your house and space to its full potential.

1. Eco-friendly

Depending on how large your wall area is to begin with, you may be worried that using so much wood may not be so environmentally friendly. However, a great advantage of choosing to feature an accent timber wall in your room is that they make use of the entire tree, warts and all. This ensures that no areas go to waste, unlike previous years where only the finest sections of the tree were used for purely aesthetic appeal. In this day and age, knots, interesting patterns and growth rings can add character to a wooden feature, such as an accent wall.

Today, there is a focus on creating a more sustainable world, with people looking at how they can make aspects in their life more eco-friendly. With the entire tree being used to create this look, it gives piece of mind and contributes to a more environmentally friendly planet.

At Sydney Flooring, we source all of our timber from Australian Forestry Standard certified Sustainable Forest Management forests in Australia. 

2. Aesthetically pleasing

When we think of decorating, our minds may bring connotations of painting or wallpapering, with not much imagination in terms of other options. Although there are many different colours, patterns and styles to emulate with these choices, they can often be perceived as 'safe' and may not take your home to new levels of interior design.

With an accent wood wall, it immediately adds a point of difference to any room. They can compliment a great array of styles, work well with many colours and bring new textures to a space.

An accent wood wall is a great way to visually give a larger feel to a smaller area, especially if the wooden boards are run horizontally. In a larger room, a feature wall can break up the vast space, offering a new dimension and focal point. Bring an instant feel of cosiness and warmth to a room, through subtle tones and tinges to give a softer theme throughout your space.

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3. Long lasting

Wood is a material which is renowned for lasting the test of time. With a range of finishes and a track record of low maintenance, it's a great option when thinking of decorating.

Other than general cleaning, such as dusting and wiping, your wood accent wall will not require an intense upkeep to keep it looking as good as new, further down the line. Unlike paint and wallpaper which can show signs of age and wear and tear, timber has a great longevity and will never depreciate in value. If accidental stains or marks do appear, like spills or scratches, they can often add character.

Styles and trends are always changing, causing patterns and certain colours to go out of fashion. One feature that wood possesses is its timeless appeal. No matter the season or current 'it' craze in design, timber is highly unlikely to go out of fashion.

Another great characteristic of timber is the fact that it's an excellent insulator. There are thousands of tiny air chambers per cubic inch of the material, allowing for heat to be held effectively, thus creating warmth during the winter.

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4. Different varieties

Another great feature an accent wood wall is that it can also be completely one of a kind. The beauty with timber feature walls is that there are many different varieties of wood which can be used, the majority of which are reclaimed.

Cypress Pine/Australian Cypress is a great choice of wood to consider. The colours range from light tan to darker browns, with subtle reddish streaks running through. It's an easy material to work with and is known to be durable and resistant to insect attack.

Another wood that is easy to work with is Jarrah. It makes for a high quality decorative finish and has a straight grain formation. The heartwood is usually a dark red with a sapwood taking on lighter, yellow hues.

Although Sydney Flooring do not offer accent wood walls as a direct service, we do offer wood lining and have been industry experts in the timber flooring field for 50 years. With a vast amount of knowledge available, the team are more than happy to offer advice and even source whichever wood you decide to work into your interior design project. Both of the above timber varieties are available at our Sydney Flooring showrooms, too.

For more information, feel free to reach out to our team today.

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