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Is timber flooring the green option for your home?

December 21, 2016
Timber flooring helps to save the planet.

It is hard to go a day without reading or watching a story about climate change and the changing environment around us. From an individual perspective, there is very little we can do to change large-scale carbon emissions or shut down factories, but this doesn't mean we should just give up on the planet.

Our homes are a great example of where we can become environmentally friendly. Whether this is through recycling or water/power saving, you can easily become an eco-warrior in your own backyard. Of course, there is another step that you may not have thought of – wooden floors. In this article, we'll discuss why it's an environmentally responsible choice to invest in timber flooring.

Protecting the world is a vital consideration for many people.Protecting the world is a vital consideration for many people.

Have you heard of 'sequestering'?

As mentioned above, carbon emissions on a large scale are hard to reverse, but technically just getting a wooden floor can do wonders for the environment. Put simply, your timber floor is constantly sequestering or storing carbon over its lifetime.

In fact, did you know that half the weight of dry wood (softwood or hardwood) is actually carbon that the tree was absorbing as it was growing? Despite the tree getting processed, manufactured and repurposed in applications such as timber flooring, the carbon continues to be locked away – preventing further destruction of the earth's atmosphere.

A well-laid timber surface is better than driving a Prius and is also something that will outlive us all – making it significantly better than other surfaces and coverings you could put on your floor.

Responsible harvesting

As trees are a great source of oxygen for our planet, there is an argument that cutting them down isn't that great. However, this is quite a misconception in the industry.

Sydney Flooring, as well as a number of other timber suppliers, source timber from renewable plantations across Australia. For clarification, all timber is from Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) certified Sustainable Forest Management locations, and under the principles of Ecological Sustainable Forest Management.

This means that we are constantly looking after both commercial and conservation demands for the future generations of Earth.

Learning more about our green processes

Taking a green approach to business and living is vital today and this is why the team at Sydney Flooring is always looking to improve the way we operate. Get in touch with us to discuss our green options and become an eco-warrior in your own home!

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