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What are the different types of timber flooring? [Infographic]

August 31, 2017
Discover the timber floor of your dreams today.

Flooring is a vital component of any property and owners want flooring that is tough, long-lasting and adds value to the house.

Timber encapsulates all of the above characteristics and acts for 25 per cent of the flooring market, according to the Australian Timber Flooring Association.

Here is an overview of common timber flooring varieties and their benefits.


Jarrah is a dark red timber that darkens over time into a deep burgundy colour. Its stunning shades, resistance to insect attack and high density make Jarrah a top contender for residential flooring.

Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak comprises of three different Eucalypt species creating hues of light-creams through to reddish browns. The warming shades and straight grain make this timber a popular choice for homeowners.

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum gets its name from its smooth bark that sheds in patches leaving a soft mottled colour. The wavy grain allows for attractive markings, which along with lush, brown colourings, make Spotted Gum extremely sought after.


With colourings ranging from rich reds to lighter browns, Brushbox brings warmth to any home. It has a fine and straight grain adding to the aesthetic qualities of this timber.


Tallowwood has many uses and is highly sought after by architects and homeowners due to its durability and colourings. Enjoy hues of yellowish brown and tinges of olive green, with growth rings being a predominant feature, too.

Flooded Rose Gum

With blush pink tones to soft reds, Flooded (Rose) Gum makes for a beautiful timber flooring choice. It has an even texture and straight grain.

Red Mahogany

As the name suggests, Red Mahogany consists of red hues to create a distinctive timber flooring option. It is also incredibly dense and durable and has a high insect resistance.

Grey Ironbark

Grey Ironbark is native to Australia and is a strong and durable timber with many uses. Its colourings range from pale and dark brown to deep reds.


A highly durable and fine to medium textured timber choice is Turpentine. Find colourings of pale to dark reddish brown through to darker chocolate brown shades.

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