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What are the benefits of timber floors in a house?

November 15, 2016
Wooden floor can add warmth to any room.

Flooring is certainly one aspect of a home that many people take for granted. However, as an important structural element, flooring is something that you and your family use everyday and your material choice can be vital moving forward.

Think of your flooring as the foundations of your room – without getting it right, it's hard to complete the space to the specific design and style that you imagined. This is what makes wooden flooring such a good option – durable, flexible and able to complement your various interior design ideas.

With this in mind, what are the other benefits of selecting wooden flooring in Sydney?

Wooden floors are an great opportunity to showcase natural colour.Wooden floors are a great opportunity to showcase natural colour.

1) Long lasting

One of the first elements that make wooden flooring an excellent choice is its tough and sturdy composition. As we know, carpet can quickly lose its aesthetic value through stains and everyday wear and tear, forcing many people to replace it after as few as five years, according to experts.

In comparison, timber hardwood flooring can last a lifetime. With the right kind of love and attention, wooden flooring can retain its charm and integrity through cold winters, hot summers and everything in between.

2) Always in style

Do you remember some of the carpet colours and styles that you encountered during the 1970s and 1980s? Yes, some of those patterns haven't aged very well and can make a room or home feel dated or old just with its presence. Of course, while the concept of wooden flooring is centuries old, its timeless appeal always makes it a good option for a home.

Hardwood timber gives a rich look to your home that carpet and other flooring options can't. As well as this, with the right timber floor maintenance program, wooden floors can actually look better over time compared to the alternatives.

3) Healthy for your family

Wooden floors are safe for your children.Wooden floors are safe for your children.

While carpets might feel soft to walk on, there is an underlying issue regarding their hygiene. In fact, all manner of parasites, fleas, dust and other allergens can be caught in carpet – potentially causing health issues for you and your family. Constant cleaning can minimise this risk, but the problem never ceases.

Of course, as a result of the organic and non-electromagnetic nature of wooden floors, dust and allergens aren't attracted and any unpleasant odours can be cleaned easily. Hardwood timber is a clean, hygienic and healthy option for your home that will stand the test of time.

4) Increase market value

As you already know, the Sydney property market is red hot right now – with properties across the city attracting high prices. If you are looking to sell your home and want to give it an edge, hardwood floors are a great place to start. Research suggests that homes with these floors sell quicker than houses without and give buyers the scope to shape the room as they see fit. 

It is very easy for people to walk into a home and judge it based on the carpet or flooring. Wooden floors exude character, warmth and durability – everything that buyers want in a new home.

5) Installing under floor heating

Underfloor heating continues to be a popular option for homeowners in Sydney. By installing appropriate heating under the floorboards, there is the opportunity to save on those energy bills and ensure a warm and healthy environment for you and your family.

Moreover, the true benefits of under floor heating are realised when you have wooden floors. Carpets will absorb the heat and if it is too thick, you may not feel anything, highlighting the benefits of pure wooden floors.

If you would like more information about timber flooring for your Sydney home, contact our team today – we'll be happy to help you find the best solution!

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